Nashwaak Villa provides 24-hour care to our 30 senior residents. If we currently do not offer a program/service that you would enjoy we would love to hear your suggestions. We are always open to new ideas to bring fun into our community.

For more information about upcoming events, see our activity calendar.

The Care Journey

We believe in inclusive Care Planning. The Nursing team wants residents to be an active participant in their care. We encourage our neighbours, families and decision makers to be actively involved in helping us to establish an individualized care plan that meets residents' wellness needs.

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Food Services

Food Services - Services - Nashwaak Villa

Our Cooks and Dietary Attendants provide three nutritious home-cooked meals each day. A Registered Dietitian is available to provide nutrition services to ensure residents' dietary needs are met.

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Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation - Services - Nashwaak Villa

Through our Therapeutic Recreation department, we offer a wide range of opportunities for residents to be involved in our community.

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Nursing Care Team

Nursing Team - Services - Nashwaak Villa

Our dedicated team of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Personal Support workers provide 24 hour nursing care.

Housekeeping & Laundry Services

Our housekeeping team strive to ensure a clean and welcoming environment at Nashwaak Villa. In addition to keeping our building clean, housekeeping staff wash all personal laundry and linens.

Maintenance Services

At Nashwaak Villa the maintenance and landscaping staff that look after all of the physical maintenance of our home. They are our go-to department for anything in need of repair.


Our administration staff are available to coordinate applications, book tours, see to staffing requirements, and more.


Aromatherapy - Services - Nashwaak Villa

Nashwaak Villa offers an aromatherapy program overseen by a Certified Aromatherapist. The therapist will provide an electric diffuser to our resident and have it filled with essential oils daily to provide a comfortable and soothing, relaxing and restful sleep.

Hair Care

hair care.jpg

We have a hair dresser available two days per week for an additional fee. The hair salon is available to family/ friends to use with residents on specified days when not in use by the hairdresser.

Foot Care

Foot care services are offered at Nashwaak Villa on a monthly basis for a fee.

Bus Booking

Bus - Services - Nashwaak Villa

Our wheel-chair accessible bus is used to provide outing opportunities to our residents. The bus is also available to families to be booked for personal outings and appointments. Bus availability may vary depending on volunteer driver availability and planned outings through the Therapeutic Recreation department

Room Booking

Room Booking - Services - Nashwaak Villa

We have several spaces which are available for booking by residents and their families at no charge. These include the Chapel/ Multipurpose Room, Board Room, Front Living Room area, BBQ, or fire pit area.

Gift Shop

Gift shop open for business during the breakfast fundraiser..jpg

The Friends of Nashwaak Villa gift shop is operated by our Helping Hands Committee volunteers. The gift shop is open 10am to 4pm from Monday to Friday. Here you will find treats, beverages, gifts, books, etc. that you may purchase. Gift cards and credit options are available for resident purchases. The Helping Hands group uses the proceeds from the gift shop to support our resident programs.

True Doors

True Doors - Poster Planetree Conference 2018 - Nashwaak Villa

We offer the option to customize your living space with a personal door decal. The door decals provide a sense of home and help brighten the halls of Nashwaak Villa.